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Gutter SOS

A simple one-page website that really packs a punch

Gutter Specialist, Peter wanted a low cost web presence to advertise his gutter cleaning services to a wider market.

The Client

Gutter SOS is a start up based in the West Midlands specialising in professional gutter cleaning services in the residential and commercial sectors.

The Problem

As Gutter SOS was in it’s elemental stage when they contacted us, they lacked any form of branding and didn’t have a website. Peter, the founder of the company explained “there are lots of things to think about when you first start out in business. We knew how powerful a website could be for marketing so we wanted to find a company who could help us set one up affordably.”

How We Solved It

Peter contacted Refresh Studios when he realised the company could reach a wider market online. We quickly identified the need to start with the companies branding and then to produce a simple website to sell the business to potential clients.

We knew the company would use print heavily in their marketing strategy, producing business cards, leaflets and signage. Therefore, we knew the logo had to be simple, professional and bold to stand out from the crowd. The final logo was inspired by autumn colours, the time of year the company are busiest. Peter said “my logo is very flexible and works well on screen and paper.”



Our designs for the website followed the new company colour scheme. We decided, due to the simplicity of the services offered by Gutter SOS, they only required a one-page website. This allowed us to work inside Peter’s smaller budget.

The site features a unique way of displaying example before and after photos for their recent jobs. The slider keeps the customers attention by encouraging them to interact and drag the slider between the before and after photo. The bottom of the website includes a simple contact form allowing potential customers to get in touch and request a quotation.

The end result is a website that stands out from other companies in the same sector. Peter concluded “I’m really happy with the outcome we’ve achieved. You only have to compare my website with the local competition to see the advantage I now have. A huge thanks to Refresh Studios for making the process completely painless.”

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