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Commissioning Technical Services

Standing out from the competion

Commissioning Technical Services wanted a professional web presence to stand out from the competition and showcase their impressive portfolio of engineering projects.

The Client

Founded in 2006, Commissioning Technical Services (CTS) has rapidly progressed to become a respected leader of commissioning and water treatment in the UK’s engineering industry.

The Brief

The London based company had an existing website but it was created a decade ago and looked outdated and uninspiring. They also lacked a professional logo, simply using the letters ‘C.T.S’ in a basic font. Ryan McGilligan, Sales Manager at the company explained “we’ve made huge progress as a company over the last decade but our website was stuck in the past. We are a leading force in our industry but we weren’t backing that up with our website.”

CTS contacted Refresh Studios when they realised it was time to refresh their website and logo. After reviewing other engineering company websites, they identified a possible competitive advantage could be gained by improving their own branding and website.

New construction


How We Solved It

Refresh Studios worked with CTS to give them a new identity, starting with the logo design. We sketched a number of different concepts, each symbolising the companies main services. After several rounds of feedback from the client, a final logo was chosen which illustrates air and water, the two fundamental elements CTS look after on site. Ryan said “we’re very happy with the end result, you can immediately identify what the company is about.”

The website designs naturally followed on from the new branding. After producing three contrasting homepage concept designs based on the company’s requirements, we listened to feedback and identified the favoured concepts. We then proceeded to refine the homepage design and create further designs for each of the main page templates required.

The final website highlights the companies portfolio of work, incorporating a slideshow, showing off the companies biggest projects on the homepage. A ‘mega rollover’ menu allows users to find more information about the service they are interested in with one click. Strong calls to action throughout the website guides the user to the contact page where they can submit an enquiry.

We also added a content management system to the website to allow administrators at the company to easily add pages, change text and upload images to the site. The system means CTS can update the website regularly without the need to contact us for help. Ryan added “the CMS is simple to use, everything is well organised and we’ve found it very easy to add our latest projects to the site.”

The final result is an effective website which really cements the company as a market leader, selling their services and showing off their impressive portfolio. Ryan concluded “Refresh Studios have delivered the complete package. We’re very happy with the logo which we now use throughout the company and the website is far better than any of our competition.”



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